Sustainable Tourism

The aim of the course is to acquaint students with the principles of action of subjects and participants in the tourism market with regard to the preservation and development of the resources of this market with the possibility of developing the natural, social and economic environment in which tourism activities occur.

Study literature – required:

  • Fennell, D.A., Cooper, C. (2020). Sustainable Tourism: Principles, Contexts and Practices. Bristol, Channel View Publications.

Study literature – recommended:

  • Weaver, D. (2005). Sustainable Tourism. Taylor and Francis.
  • Journal of Sustainable Tourism
  • Tourism Management
  • Journal of Heritage Tourism


  1. Background and definitions
  2. “Natural” Environment
  3. Implementation of sustainable tourism
  4. Sustainable destination
  5. Sustainability in hospitality and transportation
  6. Sustainability and attractions
  7. Food, waste management, energy and water in the tourism industry
  8. Tourism in protected areas
  9. Tourism and heritage sites
  10. Future prospects of sustainable tourism