Bryophytes form a paraphyletic group


Info to cladogram

  • Extinct lineages are not shown. Phylogeny was prepared accordind to Shaw et al., 2010.
  • Years are medians of years summarized by Angiosperm Phylogeny Website, version 13.
  • Only selected “morphological” apomorphies are presented.
  • Note: the age of Takakia and Sphagnopsida could be 700 my

Cladograms for each phylum

  • Cladogram of Marchantiophyta is here.
  • Cladogram of Bryophyta is here.
  • Cladogram of Anthocerotophyta is here.

Table of families

Info to table

  • You can sellect phylum, class, order and/or family.
  • Number in column “Genus” denote number of genera in family.
  • Records in Italics denote the rows of species with gallery of images accessible by click on the image (not available yet).
  • System of liverworts and hornworts was modified according to Soderstrom et al., 2016, system of mosses to Goffinet.